Hands on AFL team rotation

From the juniors all the way up to the AFL, Interchanger is the perfect way to manage the team on game day. Interchanger provides two products.


Interchanger Pro (Used by 10 AFL Clubs)


Interchanger (Interchanger is an affordable app for community clubs with much of the functionality of INTERCHANGER PRO)


Alastair Lynch, 3 Time Premiership Player.

I have been involved in Velocity Sports’ development of interchange software over the past 6 years. We have developed software that a majority of AFL clubs are now using and upgrading on a yearly basis.


Senior Coach, Mt Gravatt AFC

We have trialled the interchanger software and believe it is ideal for use by senior and junior clubs. It provides excellent post-game data and assisted us in monitoring and managing player fatigue live in games.


Brad Bootsma, Peel Thunder FC.

It’s always good when a player comes off and says he was only on the ground for 4 minutes and you can show them the data saying they were out there for 8 minutes. It quickly gets them refocused so they can’t pull the wool over your eyes.

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